Lime Powder

  • Lime Powder<

This plant was installed in two phases, phase 1 in 2006 and phase 2 in 2007. Phase 1 consisted of: Screw Feed Conveyor, Hopper with trouser leg outlet Turbo Packer valve sack filling machine, Phase 2 consisted of:, Economy Big Bag Rig, Lime Green Products manufacture special mortars, plasters, render or lime-washes and lime concrete. These are easy to pack products and the Turbo Packer bags around 6 tons per hour. The Big Bag Rig fills 500kg and 1000kg bags and can produce around 20 bags per hour.


  • Fertilizer

This plant was installed May 2007 and consisted of: 1 off Combi Packer stainless steel contact parts. Codbeck Blenders are a contract blending/bagging company specialising in toll and custom manufacturing of both intermediate and finished products. The Combi Packer was purchased to replace 2 off Medway Mistral Machines. The product is fertilizer and this tended to block up the old Medway Machines. The Combi Packer with its centerless auger feed and twin fluidising pads has no problem in dealing with fertilizer.

Barium sulphate and Talc

  • Barium sulphate and Talc

Viaton Industries have got six Turbo Packers. The machines were bought in pairs, in 1999, 2000 and 2004. Viaton manufacture and process hydrated magnesium silicate and barium sulphate. These are very fine powders and the Turbo Packers bag around 5 ton per hour.

Refractory Materials with complete automation

  • Refractory Materials with complete automation

This plant was installed in 2000 and consisted of: Hopper, Two Turbo Packers, Double bag placer, Bag turner. Used Stork low level palletizer. Robert Lickley bag a wide slection of refractory mixes. These products tend to block and bridge and can be extremely difficult to pack. This plant produces around 15 ton per hour. DVD available on request.

Refractory Materials

  • Refractory Materials

SRS are contract baggers in the refractory industry. Two Turbo Packers, first installed 2005, 2nd installed 2006. These machines are used for a very wide range of products. Packing at around 3-6 bags per minute, depending on the product.

Zircon Flour

  • Zircon Flour

TWL have a total of six machines from Autopak, which include 2 Turbo Packers and 4 Belt Feed Nett Weighers. This plant was installed in Jan 2007. This is a very dense product, about 2200kg/m3. Packing at around 4 bags per minute.


  • Cement

Order placed by AML Products, London for 6 Impellor Packers with 15 ton sectionalised hopper. This plant was installed at Colombo Docks, Si-Lanka. Plant to produce 90 tons per hour with manual placing and take off.

Dequest Granuals

  • Dequest Granuals

Solutia UK Limited

Rock Salt

  • Rock Salt

Double shako machine packing rocksalt into 25kg bags. Throughput 8 bags per minute. The equipment was supplied with a Fischbein automatic heat sealer and conveyor