Low Level Bag Palletiser

Product Code: AP-PAL/B
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  • Modal:PAL/B Production:
    Up to 1200 bags/hour depending on palletising pattern and product type
  • Gantry main frame with electro-mechanical lifting mechanism Inlet bag rotation device as per palletising pattern Row preforming area by motorized belt conveyor step-by-step operation at positive stops Layer preforming area Pushing unit to transfer the preformed row of bags onto the layer preforming area Layer transfer unit by openable sliding table Layer compacting dams to grant the verticality of the final unit load
  • Suitable for medium speed lines Layer flattening cycle to grant an increased stability to the final unit load; Layer depositing cycle having been completed makes the sliding table to step down for a short run to exercise a controlled pressure on the last-deposited layer ensuring a flat surface for the next one to be fed Maximum lay-out flexibility Functioning without operator Long-term reliable performances
  • Layer preforming area by fixed plate, motorized roller conveyor or motorized belt conveyor
  • Automatic unstackers for empty pallets Automatic dispensers of plastic or paper sheet on empty pallets Automatic placers of slip sheet Load cells to weigh pallets Bag conveyors with cylindrical rollers and square rollers Stud typo or flap type rotation devices for bags Flatteners for bags Mechanical cleaning units for bags Control and rejecting systems for faulty bags
  • Low Level Bag Palletiser