Autopak Machinery can provide a wide range of filling machines from valve sacks, form fill and seal machines to big bag machines.

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We design, manufacture and program all of our own high quality control panels in our manufacturing facility in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. 

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We understand that every company is different. Each of our machines are tailored to suit your custom requirements. 

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We're here to help you every step of the way through our efficient manufacturing process and after-care support.

Our form filling machines 

Form Fill and Seal Machine.png

Form Fill and

Seal Machine

Our filling equipment 

Nett Weigher.png

Nett Weigher

Single Head Linear Weigher.png

Single Head Linear Weigher

Four Head Linear Weigher.png

Four Head Linear Weigher

Cup Filler.png

Cup Filler

Vertical Auger Filler.png

Vertical Auger Filler

Liquid Pump.png

Liquid Pump

Gross Weighing 2.png

Gross Weighing

Shako Filling.png

Shako Filling

At the forefront of the packaging industry

If you are looking for a custom packaging solution that meets your project requirements please contact us for a free estimate.