We have a wide selection of packing machines, weigh systems, check systems and handling equipment. We can pack most materials, including; powders, granules, liquids, fruits, vegetables, crisps and popcorn.

Our in-house design and engineering team will accurately plan and design each of our products to suit your needs.


We design, manufacture and program all of our own high quality control panels in our manufacturing facility in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. 


We understand that every company is different. Each of our machines are tailored to suit your custom requirements. 


We're here to help you every step of the way through our efficient manufacturing process and after-care support.

Our Products

Valve Sack Packing Machines

These versatile machines are designed to pack powders into valve sack bags quickly and efficiently.

Form, Fill & Seal Systems

The machines can be fitted with various feeders / weighers to pack a wide range of products such as:

granules, powder, hardware, liquids, fruits, crisps, vegetables, popcorn, coffee beans etc. 

Turbo Packer
Mini Packer
Auger Packer
Impeller Packer
Flow Jet 20-20 Packer
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Form Fill and Seal Machine
Automatic Packing Line With Linear Weigher
Powder Packing Machine Line
Volumetric Cup Weigh Set Up
Liquid Packing Line
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Weighed and Volume Filling

Our weigh systems can be used in conjunction with other machines, such as our Form Fill & Seal set ups, or on their own as manual machines. 

We can advise which weigher is best suited to your needs; product, speed and efficiency.

Multi Head Weigher
Single Head Linear Weigher
Four Head Linear Weigher
Cup Filler
Vertical Auger Filler
Liquid Pump
Nett Weigher
Gross Weighing
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