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Automatic Batching Plants

Autopak custom design and build batching plants for the concrete industry, having serviced a number of customer over the years with plants ranging from 4 to 10 Bins. Providing whatever the customer needed.

Our latest project was to provide a 10 bin batching plant. Working on a loss of weight system to accurately fill 1 ton bags. Depending on the flow and mix of product the customer can expect 8 – 10 tonnes per hour through the system.

Every part was designed from scratch to ensure it was right for the customer. By using our own in house design team information about the project isn’t lost in translation or delayed by third parties.

Using our own fabricators we are able to control the manufacturing process from start to finish, and ensure that all the work that leaves our workshop is to the highest standard.

We complete our own powder coating and hand painting on site, again to maintain a high standard of work and to reduce delays in the manufacturing process.

This project was designed as a right angle system to make the most of the space in the customer’s factory whilst also giving them access to the surrounding areas. Our bins are designed to be removed from their stands to place on the floor and be filled by a Bulk Bag above.

We are now at the testing stage of this system in our premised before sending to the customer for installation / commissioning. Once the system is signed off then we will update this blog post to show the final running system.