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We supply bespoke bag filling and handling equipment for all types of products and industries.

Not sure which category your product fits into? Then give us a call to discuss your requirements.

We have worked across various industries packing lots of different products. Our speciality is finding solutions tailored to your product, whether it is “off-the-shelf” or bespoke designed and manufactured by our engineers.

Clients we work with include...

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Combination impellor and air packer for valve sacks Cropped

Flow Jet 20-20

The Flow Jet 20-20 combines the speed of an Impellor Packer with the versatility of an Air Packer.

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Mini Packer

High performance force feed valve sack packer.

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premade pouch filling machine rotary

Rotary Doypack Machine

Designed to pack pre-made pouches at speed.

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Four Station Doypack

Multi-station Doypack Machine

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Linear Doypack Machine

Our entry level packing machine for pre-made pouches.

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Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine with a Multihead Weigher

An example of a full packing line for packing at speed.

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Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine for Granular and Bulky Materials

An example of an entry level packing line.

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Single Head Linear Weigher

Our entry level linear weigher.

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Linear Weighing Machines

Linear weighers offer versatility, reliability and speed.

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Multi Head Weigher

Multi-head weighers offer versatility, reliability and speed.

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Volumetric Cup Filler

A cost effective solution to pack free flowing granular products such as nuts, seeds, rice and grains.

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Nett Weigher

Pre-weighs product before dropping into the bag.

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FIBC (Big Bag) Discharging

Framework to dicharge from FIBCs.

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Open Mouth Bag Placer

Automatic placing on bags on to a bird beak.

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The checkweigher is a high speed, high sensitivity, high stability dynamic weighing machine, with an accurate effective reject system.

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Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector

A combination of our metal detection system and check weighers to help reduce floor space. A good opinion for quality control on your production line.

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Z Shaped Material Elevator

Z Shaped Elevator is designed for continuous operation and to save on floor space.

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Slanted Conveyor

The Large Slanting Elevator has an easy clean surface ideal for food applications.

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Auger Elevator

Can be used to feed our auger filler or used as part of any production line.

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  • AutoPak - Form Fill and Seal icon

    Form Fill and Seal

  • AutoPak - Automatic Bag Placing big icon

    Automatic Bag Placing

  • full bag control system sewing head heat seal

    Ultrasonic Sealing

  • AutoPak - Metal Detection and Checkweighing big icon

    Material Handling Equipment

  • AutoPak - Valve Sack Filling Equipment big icon

    Valve Sack Filling Equipment

  • Robot palletiser end of line equipment


  • Robot palletiser end of line equipment

    Metal Detection and Checkweighing

  • AutoPak - Big Bag, IBC Handling and Filling big icon

    Big Bag, IBC Handling and Filling

  • AutoPak - Filling equipment big icon

    Filling Equipment

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