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Volumetric Cup Filler


  • Servo motor to draw and position film
  • Simple bucket elevator
  • It is a complete vertical, bag-making sealing packing system.
  • With PLC computer system, which allows you to adjust without stopping the machine using the colour HMI.
  • Easy to adjust cup sizes ranging from 100-1200ml.
  • Suitable for many products including rice, sugar, salt and popcorn.
  • Other sizes can be manufactured

  • Finance options available

Model AP-VC
Capacity 80L
Measure type Volumetric cup
Volume of cup 100ml-1200ml (need to change the cups)
Speed 30-40bags/min

Bag length            50-300m(L)

Bag width             50-200mm(W)

Weight                  600kg

Dimensions          1080mm(L)*1300mm(W)*1400mm(H)

Power                    2.2kW

Air consumption      25cfm 6bar


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