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We supply bespoke bag filling and handling equipment for Agricultural products

With more than 20 years experience in the Agricultural industry we know how to deliver results at an affordable price. With the latest technology and expertise of our in-house design and engineering team, we are able to accurately plan and design each of our machines to suit our customer’s unique requirements.

Clients we work with include...

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turbo air packer valve sacks

Turbo Packer

The Turbo Packer is a high-performance force-fed valve sack filling/weighing machine.

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Mini Packer

High performance force feed valve sack packer.

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Shako Filling

A shako machine is ideal for filling materials such as wet sand, chippings, ballast, etc into bags.

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premade pouch filling machine rotary

Rotary Doypack Machine

Designed to pack pre-made pouches at speed.

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Four Station Doypack

Multi-station Doypack Machine

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Linear Doypack Machine

Our entry level packing machine for pre-made pouches.

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Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine with a Multihead Weigher

An example of a full packing line for packing at speed.

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Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine for Granular and Bulky Materials

An example of an entry level packing line.

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Single Head Linear Weigher

Our entry level linear weigher.

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Linear Weighing Machines

Linear weighers offer versatility, reliability and speed.

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Multi Head Weigher

Multi-head weighers offer versatility, reliability and speed.

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Nett Weigher

Pre-weighs product before dropping into the bag.

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FIBC (Big Bag) Discharging

Framework to dicharge from FIBCs.

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big bulk bag filler station

FIBC IBC Filling System

System to fill FIBCs and IBCs.

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Open Mouth Bag Placer

Automatic placing on bags on to a bird beak.

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The checkweigher is a high speed, high sensitivity, high stability dynamic weighing machine, with an accurate effective reject system.

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Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector

A combination of our metal detection system and check weighers to help reduce floor space. A good opinion for quality control on your production line.

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Slanted Conveyor

The Large Slanting Elevator has an easy clean surface ideal for food applications.

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  • AutoPak - Form Fill and Seal icon

    Form Fill and Seal

  • AutoPak - Automatic Bag Placing big icon

    Automatic Bag Placing

  • full bag control system sewing head heat seal

    Ultrasonic Sealing

  • AutoPak - Metal Detection and Checkweighing big icon

    Material Handling Equipment

  • AutoPak - Valve Sack Filling Equipment big icon

    Valve Sack Filling Equipment

  • Robot palletiser end of line equipment


  • Robot palletiser end of line equipment

    Metal Detection and Checkweighing

  • AutoPak - Big Bag, IBC Handling and Filling big icon

    Big Bag, IBC Handling and Filling

  • AutoPak - Filling equipment big icon

    Filling Equipment

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