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Linear Weighing Machines


Linear Weighing Machines use a vibrating tray to feed granular material into a weigh hopper. Using different vibration settings the operator can control fast, medium and fine feeds for fast and accurate filling.

Autopak’s range of Linear Weighing Machines start from a single line ranging up to Multihead Weighing Machines.

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This high-precision weighing machine is very adaptable and integrates well with Autopak form fills or can operate as a standalone model. For precise product measurement it comes with quality weigh cells. It is also very versatile and can weigh and dispense a wide range of product types including coffee, snacks, hardware, and seeds.

Model Four head linear weigher
Weighing Range 5-3000g
Number of heads Four
Programmes 99 pre-set programmes
Hopper capacity 3000ml
Material 304 Stainless Steel

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