Nett Weigher


  • With a net weigh system the product is weighed in a bin above the bag clamp.
  • We would recommend either a gravity, belt or auger fill system to accompany this depending on how the product flows.
  • This system is recommended when the customer requires a throughput of 4 or more bags per minute.
  • The main purpose is to dose in the shortest time possible and with the best precision by pre-weighing the product before dropping into the bag.
  • This can be supplied with gravity feed, belt feed, vibratory feed, auger feed.
  • It is suitable for all products.
  • HBM twin load cell technology
  • Pneumatic bag holder for manual or auto operation.

  • Finance options available

The Nett Weigher is normally supplied as part of an automated packing line. It can be used with Open Mouth Sacks, Vertical Form Fill and Seal, and other bag types.

These depend on your application, talk to us to discuss further.

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