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Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine for Granular and Bulky Materials


The Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine forms and seals three sided bags with various products at speed, depending on product and desired filling range.

These Machines incorporate Siemens PLC controls with a servo motor for film pulling, bag-making, sealing, pack and print date in one operation. These machines also include automatic film rectification to maintain accurate bag making.

Our standard machines are single line and intermittent. We also supply continuous machines or multi-line system for applications that needed faster production.

We offer different machines depending of the maximum bag size that the customer needs to produce. Each machine is designed to handle a maximum film width. Our sales team will be able to advise of the best machine for your application.

The machines can be fitted with various feeders / weighers to pack a wide range of products such as: granular, powder, hardware, liquids, fruits, crisps, chillies, mange tout, popcorn etc.

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Our Form Fill and Seal machine with Linear weigher is suitable for packing individual or mixed products quickly and accurately. The system is controlled by a Siemens PLC and HMI touch screen. From here the operator can easily set up programmes and change weights depending on the production run. It is suitable for many products including rice, sugar, coffee, crisps and popcorn.

Model AP-420S with linear weigher
Usage Automatic packing machine
Bag length 50-300mm(L)
Weigh speed 10-45 wpm
Power 2.2.kw
Load cell High precision digital load cell
PLC Allen-Bradley
Bag length 50-300mm 50-300mm
Bag width 50-200 mm

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