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Packaging Trends: 2020

Firstly, Autopak want to wish you a very Happy New Year! As we begin the new decade, we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you the numerous packaging trends that are emerging across different industries, to give you inspiration you for your next project.

Each year consumer’s buying habits are changing and sustainable, environmentally friendly packs are predicted to be amongst the most popular this year. We have listed below some of the top trends expected to come out of 2020:

Packaging that tells a story

E-commerce sales are booming, and packaging is the first touch-point shoppers will come across when unboxing a product they have bought from an online retailer.

As online products are not able to be seen, or touched, brands need to build a connection with their audience by telling their story through their packaging and delivering an exciting experience for the customer.

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Sustainable packaging

Customers are becoming more and more eco-conscious and businesses are rethinking the materials they use, especially the role of plastic and the impact it has on their overall carbon footprint.

Businesses are looking at plant-based alternatives and switching from plastics to compostable materials. Flexible packaging supplies such as stand up pouches, shrink film and stretch film will be joined by new plant-based alternatives such as bio-polymer based packaging plastics.

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Augmented reality

Smart packaging is predicted to change the way consumers interact with brands and their products.

More interactive and multimedia applications changes the customer experience entirely. In 2020, rather than just receiving an item, you can bring an interactive piece of content on a pack to life by scanning it with your smartphone.

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