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AP-4000 Integral Turbo Packer


Autopak Machinery’s latest development in the Valve Sack Packing industry – The AP-4000 Integral Turbo Packer has been designed and built by Autopak’s Engineers in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, GB.

  • The AP-4000 is a fully integral automatic packing system to handle valve sacks.
  • The integrated design makes the system easy to install. Considerations have been made to maintenance and servicing as there is access on all sides of the system and the chamber is fitted on slides for easy access to essential wear parts.
  • Designed to pack granular or powdery products at high speed into valve sacks.
  • Suitable for the following industries: Building and Construction, Food, Pet Foods, Farming and Agriculture, Chemical Goods and Pharmaceutical.
  • High accuracy using a single load cell, with the frame mounted on sprung steel.

The fully enclosed style means you won’t need additional safety around this part of the system. Each door and access point is on an interlock safety system stopping the system when access is needed.



  • Finance options available

The AP-4000 Integral Turbo Packer includes:

  • Bag Magazine to hold up to 100 sacks
  • Automatic Pick and Place system for Valve Sacks
  • Inlet Valve (Butterfly valve as standard)
  • Product Chamber with Bag Spout
  • Weigh Saddle
  • Practicon Weigh Controller
  • Auto-Tip Saddle
  • Ultrasonic Sealing (optional extra)
  • Takeaway Conveyor

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