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Gross Weighing Systems


  • Weighs directly into open mouth sacks
  • HMI for operator friendly adjustments
  • Robust electronic weighing capacity
  • Rigid box section frame construction
  • Ideal for sticky non flowing sand/ballast etc
  • Pneumatically operated bag clamp

  • Finance options available

The gross weigher can be used with gravity, auger, belt or vibratory feeders. The product is weighed in the bag and has a pneumatically operated clamp. Twin load cell technology with a microprocessor weigh controller.

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Robot System Integrators

Robots are suitable for all kinds of palletising, de-palletising and pick and place applications. One or more robots can be integrated to palletise or de-palletise a mixture of products, picking up at random, using a camera system and placing onto pallets, boxes or simply sorting into lanes.

Autopak are system integrators on Yasakawa Robots.

Autopak manufacture their own robot heads (End of Arm Tooling) using mechanical grippers or vacuum suction.

Autopak have their own engineers to programme the various functions.

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