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Valve Sack Placer


  • This system includes a belt feed indexing magazine, bag separator, strip-belt conveyor, valve sack opener and placing track.
  • The placer is secured on Hepco ‘v’ rails, and is servo belt driven for a smooth operation.
  • They are sold in modules, and up to 4 modules can be combined to feed four filling machines.
  • A sack placer is ideal for heavy duty filling: ballast, sand, cement etc.
  • Filling rate is 8 per min per head with accuracy of 97%.

  • Finance options available

The Valve Sack Placer is a complete system to separate and place a valve sack onto a filling machine.

Model Valve sack placer
Material Mild steel Stainless steel (optional)
Power requirement 16amp 3 phase


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