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Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine for Liquid

The Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine with a Liquid Filling Machine fills and seals three sided bags with wet products at speed, depending on product and desired filling range. Our machines produce packs ranging from small 5ml ketchup packs to 5kg and bigger. Depending on your application we can also offer multilane solutions to speed up the throughput. The machine is fitted with a servo motor for film pulling, bag-making, sealing, pack and print date in one operation. Ideal for all types of liquids i.e. milk, oil, shampoo, sauce etc.

Packing Speed 30-65 bags per minute
Measuring Range 150-1200mm
Air Consumption 25CFM @ 6 BAR
Power 220 VAC/HZ
Power 2.2 kw

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